Our Brand and Product

Our Brand

Our story originates from a simple philosophy that “You don’t have to be quirky to stand out”. We aim to provide a product that is different and personal, but yet elegant. YokoYoko Vintage clutches create a subtle statement on being unique with poise. 

Our Product

Our clutches are all made of vintage obi sourced in Japan. Obi is a silk sash with an intricate design worn as a part of kimono outfit. Our kobutsu-sho (licensed antique dealers) hand pick obi silk at auctions and the fabric is then passed to our seamstresses who stitch our exclusive clutches. 

A single fabric may be used to produce multiple clutches, but we check that each clutch has a different pattern making them an exclusive one-off piece. We are devoted to creating a product made in Japan, that is truly unique and elegant for our customers.